We are a young creative Media House made up of people from advertising, design, digital and media. We deliver Populist Creativity that changes behaviour for our clients. Work that is noticed / liked / talked about / shared by the many, not by the few. We research, plan and develop advertising campaigns across the full spectrum of media options – from online to offline, ambient to social networking.

Our ever-spontaneous minds are always working on innovative and pragmatic ideas. The services we provide are the means of channeling this power. In fact, our ability to think out-of-the-box is the edge we have and the edge we give to our clients to compete and to succeed. Considering requirements and circumstances, we develop the right mix of our services.

At BLACKSALT we refrain from stating work methodologies because we believe in chalking out methodologies in accordance with each client's requisites, keeping in mind the complex and vivid regional environment marked by a myriad of socio-cultural and economic diversities. At BLACKSALT, we know that one's image is of paramount importance more than anything else is, and thus it is ensured that we project it with crystal-clear understanding and direction and in the best possible manner.

Avishek is a Young Entrepreneur who has already built an IT & Web technology Farm from scratch in his Graduation days, he brings to Black Salt his skills and experience as a Manager, and a Leader along with a huge repertoire of Clientele, local as well as global.

As the Managing Director of Black Salt, he is responsible for Business development, Operations, Business strategy, Marketing and Management.

Being a "Let’s get it done" workaholic, he is not afraid to take on Huge Projects and See it through to the end. Nothing is too big for Avishek.

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skype: thewebspidy
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